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How to Install App

Online Apps Free ( is a site where you can download and install the world's latest apps for your mobile phones, tablets and PC absolutely FREE! 

We are happy to share all free apps for your entertainment, communication, and many others.

How to install app in your device?  

 Follow the instructions below:

1. Click or tap the INSTALL FREE button of the app you wish to install. The INSTALL FREE button can be found at the bottom of each page or app in this site. Be sure you have enough space in your device because some apps need bigger space.

2. It will download automatically.

3. After the complete download, find the downloaded file in your device, it is an apk file. Most of the time you can find it in the Download Folder in your device.

4. Once you found it, just tap or click it.

5. Once you tap or click it, it may ask permission to install. Just accept it to install successfully.



Note: If you don't like the app you can uninstall it automatically by throwing it in the trash bin in your device or long press and click x or uninstall. It may vary depending on the model or brand of your mobile phone or device.

(Note: It may vary depending on the model of your mobile phone or device/s.)



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