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Abs Workout - Weight Loss App, Tabata, HIIT

alt="Do you want to lose belly fat quickly? Still distressed how to find a scientific fitness guide? It’s time to use Abs Workout to tone up your abs & butt and shape a perfect body!"
Do you want to lose belly fat quickly? Still distressed how to find a scientific fitness guide? It’s time to use Abs Workout to tone up your abs & butt and shape a perfect body!

Abs Workout is a worldwide popular abs workout program to help you lose weight and build six pack abs in 28 day! We prepare a 28-day workout plan for your daily workout, you can join our fitness challenge which includes Tabata, HIIT & classic abs workout. Vivid workout videos are provided to you to shape your abs professionally.

Abs Workout is also a good fitness tracker, it can record your daily workout time and burned calorie data automatically. You can also track your weight every day in your Health Report, it will generate a Track Graph indicating your weight change. Stick to our workout program, you will lose weight efficiently and quickly.

key Features of Abs Workout:
✨Diversified 7X4 Abs workout programs (HIIT, Tabata & Classic) ; 
We provide systematic fitness program for weight loss. Stick to 28 days and 7 minutes a day, you will lose your weight obviously and get a flat abs & sexy butt.

✨Scientific daily workout plan based on professional coach tips;
Various abs and core exercises are listed with detailed description to help you work out in the right way.

✨Vivid workout videos with inspiring music and coaching voice;
There are scientific instructional video guides, you can make sure you use the proper form for each exercise. 

✨Training anytime, anywhere;
No equipment is needed, so you can do daily workout at home and lose weight in an easy way.

✨Track weight loss & burned calories progress;
Your workout time and burned calorie data will be recorded automatically in our fitness app, and your weight can be tracked in a graph showing your weight loss progress.

✨Regular workout reminder for helping you fulfill the workout plan;
Customized reminder can urge you to complete the daily workout plan. You can choose which workout program to remind, daily reminder times and weekly reminder days are also available.

✨Share your workout results on social media;
Different levels of workout badges represent different workout achievements. You can share these results with your friends and invite them to join you!

✨Suitable for all levels, from beginners to pros;
This weight loss app has professional lose fat workout such as abs workout, abs and core training, Tabata workout and HIIT workout. These are suitable for both beginners and pros, and can help build abdominal muscles and lose weight quickly. 

Core fitness programs for Abs Workout:
★7x4 Challenge – Classic
Classic 28-day abs workout challenge! 7 minutes per day in just 4 weeks. Lose weight in minutes! 

★7x4 Challenge – HIIT
HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a super effective fat-loss training program. It burns your abs fat even after the workout!

★7X4 Challenge – Tabata
Tabata training program shows the highest energy expenditures per unit time with 20 seconds of going all out and 10 seconds of rest. Build your sexy abs muscles in just 28 days!

How to Effectively Use Abs Workout
1. Open the app and go to the Health Report;
2. Fill out your weight information in the Report and get Suggested Programs;
3. Stick to your workout plan. You can share your workout results on social media to show off your workout achievement.
4. Follow the workout videos for training to ensure the professionalism and standard of movement.

Join our fitness challenge now! Here are professional workout plan and instructional workout videos to help you shape your abdominal muscles. Train your abs every day to shape sexy abs! 

💪Download to experience the best abs workout app to get flat tummy in minutes!

Note: Download and save the apk file in your device or Android Phone's SD card and install it manually onto the device.





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